SEMC Exhibitor Terms and Conditions

Assignment of Exhibit Space

Confirmed SEM2024 Sponsors will receive first choice of exhibit booth.

Exhibitors who pre-register for on-site booths and are current Corporate Friend members will receive next choice of exhibit booths. Remaining booth assignments will be made on a first-come, first-served basis upon receipt of reservation beginning May 1, 2024. Every effort will be made to honor first-choice locations, but preferred sites are not guaranteed.

Hilton Capitol Center Hotel, Riverview Ballroom and Foyer Floor Plan 

Take a virtual Tour of the Riverview Ballroom at the Hilton Capitol Center Hotel

Payment Schedule

Corporate Friend/Partner members must renew by August 31, 2024 to reserve a booth for SEMC 2024 Expo at The Hilton Capitol Center Hotel in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.


    Booth cancellations and requests for refunds must be in writing to the SEMC Office. If received prior to September 30, 2024 there will be an 80% refund. Cancellations received after September 30th will not receive a refund.


    1.     All booths must be open during Resource Expo hours. Each exhibitor must wear an official exhibitor’s badge to gain admission to the exhibit area and to conference programs and events. Badges cannot be exchanged among representatives.
    2.     SEMC reserves the right to modify Resource Expo hours
    3.     Exhibits must not project beyond the space allocated or obstruct the view of other exhibitors. Noise levels must not interfere with neighboring exhibits.
    4.       Exhibit booths may not be dismantled or packed before the close of the show at 5:30 pm on Tuesday, October 22, 2024.

    5. Each party involved in the exhibition – hotel, owners, leasing association (sponsor), and exhibitor – agrees to be responsible for any claims arising out of their own negligence or that of their employees or agents. b) Each party agrees to be responsible for their own property through insurance or self-insurance and shall hold harmless each of the other parties for all damages caused by theft and those perils normally covered by fire and extended coverage policies. Proof of such coverage must be presented to facility management upon request of same in a prompt and timely manner.

    6. SEMC 2024 Expo exhibitors will be provided with the Hilton Capitol Center Hotel contact for all extra services once booth registration is confirmed. Information and pricing will be available in May 2024.

    7.     Shipping information.

     Please click the link below to learn more about shipping materials to the Hilton Baton Rouge

    Exhibitor Shipping Information

    8. Solicitation in the Resource Expo by non-exhibitors and events set forth in this document if it is necessary to meet program and conference needs is prohibited. Non-exhibitor solicitors will be asked to leave the Expo.