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Applications will open for JIMI2023 in late summer 2022. 

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JEkYLL Island Management Institute GENERAL INFORMATION (updated spring 2022)

The Jekyll Island Management Institute (JIMI) seeks to provide affordable management training to museum professionals.  At JIMI, participants have the opportunity to learn current methods in the field and build networks with other museum professionals.  Instructors provide subject area expertise and practical approaches to administrative challenges.

This annual Institute provides an eight-day, total immersion environment for professionals to learn more about general administration and operations. JIMI gives administrators the key resources to gain confidence in pursuing various museum roles and having a greater impact on their institutions. JIMI offers opportunities for participants to learn management skills through presentations, small group discussions, projects and participatory exercises. Participants discover their management styles through self-tests and activities, group project assignments and presentations.

Who should consider attending JIMI?

Participants will be museum professionals who seek professional development to fill knowledge gaps in museum operations that are required for management level and leadership positions

Target learning objectives

Through a series of practical application exercises, students will become familiar with current best practices in visitor facing and behind-the-scenes museum work while developing a network of museum professionals


The Jekyll Island Management Institute is an immersive experience for museum professionals who seek to broaden their understanding of museum operations in order to advance to management or leadership roles in the museum field. 

During the 8-day Institute, participants will learn current best practices of visitor-facing and behind-the-scenes work in museums with a focus on incorporating best practices in diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion, and the use of technology. Participants will have the opportunity to hear from current experts across the museum field and work collaboratively with peers to create solutions to real world issues. 

The Institute will be structured as a tour of the museum. Sessions will use case studies to allow students to identify and discuss best practices in a range of visitor-facing and behind-the-scenes roles in a museum. Rather than taking a deep dive into any particular role, participants will receive an overview and come away with a better understanding of how the roles in a museum work together to form an institution. Participants will have the opportunity to learn not only from current experts in the field but also each other during sessions covering participants’s areas of expertise.

Applicitation and Tuition JIMI 2023  application and tuition information will be availeable summer 2022.

Peter La Paglia Scholarship Fund
Thanks to the generosity of friends and colleagues of the late Peter S. LaPaglia (co-founder of JIMI), the Southeastern Museums Conference (SEMC) and JIMI are pleased to offer a tuition scholarship. 

Additional JIMI Scholarships
Other tuition scholarships may be offered if funds are available. 

JIMI Sponsorship Opportunities

Consider supporting SEMC's successful Jekyll Island Management Institute (JIMI) as it moves toward the relaunch in 2023! This successful program has attracted applicants from all over the United States and its alumni have assumed key leadership positions in leading museums and organizations. Information on JIMI sponsorship can be found here 


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