Headshot of white female, Zinnia Willits, with blue dress sitting on a park bench.

Zinnia Willits
Executive Director
PO Box 550746
Atlanta, GA 30355-3246*
[404] 814-2048 (direct)
[404] 814-2031 (fax)

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*Zinnia works both remotely (Charleston, SC) and in the SEMC offices at the Atlanta History Center. Please contact her directly prior to sending any packages.

 Headshot of black female, Carla Phillips, smiling with a purple blazer and colorful headband

Carla Phillips
Manager of Communications & Member Services
PO Box 550746
Atlanta, GA 30355-3246
(404) 814-2047 (direct)
[404] 814-2031 (fax)

Headshot of black female, Kaniah Pearson, smiling with a white shirt and straight hair
Kaniah Pearson
2022 SEMC Summer intern
Rising Sophomore
Spelman College, Atlanta, GA
Major: Art History

SEMC is grateful to the 2022 Fall Internship Sponsor

hutchinson Design Group

Headshot of white female, Heather Nowak, wearing a taupe colored blazer with white shirt.

Heather Nowak
PO BOX 550746
ATLANTA, GA 30355-3246
(404) 814-4050 (direct)
[404] 814-2031 (fax)