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About the 2024 Annual Meeting Theme

The 2024 SEMC Conference in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, focuses on innovation and inspiration. How should museums move forward in a rapidly changing world. Over the last four years, we have experienced substantial shifts in governance, economy, community, societal beliefs, and technology. Despite these challenges, how can we continue to inspire our visitors? Our donors? Our workforce? Let’s explore innovative ideas for change across our field, to ensure museums remain relevant and impactful now and in the future. 

We can't wait to welcome you you Baton Rouge!

Register for SEMC2024

Registration for SEMC2024 is open! 2024 annual meeting pricing is as follows:

Early-Bird  (May-August 15) for current SEMC members: $400 

Regular (August 16-October 11) for current SEMC members: $450

Louisiana Association of Museum Member: $375

Student: $100

Non-member: $500

Daily Rate (Monday 10/21): $275

Daily Rate (Tuesday 10/22: $275

Daily Rate (Wednesday 10/23): $150

Thank you to the SEMC2024 Sponsors 


Enjoy These SEMC 2023 Memories 

SEMC is grateful to Michael Lachowski (Public Relations for the Georgia Museum of Art) for capturing these images of SEMC2023. Feel free to download and share! Credit can go to: Michael Lachowski, Georgia Museum of Art, for SEMC.

Thank you to Dr. Kevin W. Cosby for providing the membership with an inspiring keynote address at the 2023 Annual Meeting. We are pleased to make the recording available below.

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