Museum Director, Steffen Thomas Museum of Art

  • 06 Aug 2019 10:54 AM
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    John Witek (Administrator)

    Steffen Thomas Museum of Art

    Museum Director

    July 1, 2019

    The Museum Director, a full time position, will serve as the chief administrator responsible for overall management of the Museum facility and programs.



    1. Hire and supervise other employees.

    2. Engage and supervise volunteers and interns.

    3. Prepare and conduct staff personnel evaluations as needed, with assistance of Personnel Committee.


    1. Supervise security of building.

    2. Supervise maintenance of building, grounds, equipment and art collection.

    3. Responsible for installation of exhibits at STMA.

    Operations – Responsible for supervising staff who work in the following areas:

    1. Day to day operations of STMA, Inc.

    2. Finances of STMA (bookkeeping, tax issues, reports, etc.).

    3. Insurance and legal requirements of STMA, Inc.

    4. Management of STMA Museum Shop.

    5. Writing of policies and procedures, to be approved by Board of Directors.

    Development / Fund Raising:

    1. Write grant proposals.

    2. Prepare funding proposals for businesses and individuals.

    3. Work with Membership Committee on expanding membership.

    4. Write annual budget with help and advice of Finance Committee, to be approved by Board of Directors.

    5. Coordinate or appoint someone to coordinate fund raising events.

    6. Develop and maintain a relationship with donors.


    1. Gain knowledge about Steffen Thomas, his work and the Museum’s Mission, with help of STMA Docents.

    2. Serve as an advocate and public relations emissary for STMA in the Museum, the broader community and internationally.

    3. Represent STMA on related committees in the community.


    1. Work with Arts Outreach Program Coordinator, Programs Committee and guest curators on planning for future exhibits and programs.

    2. Supervise Programs Coordinator or guest curators on scheduling and implementation of all exhibits, workshops and programs at STMA and outreach venues.

    3. Evaluate all programming.

    Marketing - Supervise the Marketing Associate, who:

    1. Oversees design and layout of website and all printed materials, including invitations, brochures, newsletters, ads, etc.

    2. Edits and revises all publications and media releases.

    3. Oversees all printing.

    4. Oversees coordination of media relations.

    Board of Directors

    1. Assist Board President with meeting agendas.

    2. Attend all board meetings, receptions and committee meetings.

    3. Work closely, acting as co-chairman, with all standing committees, as described in the By Laws.

    4. Work on strategic and long range planning with the Board.

    5. Submit an annual report in a written form to the President and present this report to the membership at the Annual Meeting.

    Desired Background

    • Bachelor’s Degree or higher in an art, business, accounting , or equivalent


    • Experience in business management and development, including fund raising and

    grant writing, or equivalent experience.

    • Business and Accounting experience.
    • Exceptional management and communication skills (verbal and written).
    • Excellent organizational skills.


    • Full time, salary – commensurate with experience.

    Submit your resume and information to