Border Cantos | Sonic Borders

  • 20 Mar 2019 5:50 PM
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    Available for travel Fall 2019 with tentative dates of October 26 2019 – January 27, 2020

    Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art is proud to partner with Art Bridges while touring Border Cantos | Sonic Borders. This exhibition brings together the sights and the sounds of the Mexican-American border through a transformative and multi-sensory experience. Photographer Richard Misrach and composer/artist Guillermo Galindo began collaborating in 2011, after both artists had created bodies of work inspired by the Mexican-American border region and its human impact. In the political climate today, art surrounding this border is more relevant than ever, compelling us to put ourselves in the shoes of these migrants—to envision their journey.

    When experienced as a whole, the images, instruments, and emanating sounds create an immersive space in which to look, listen, and learn about the complicated issues surrounding the Mexican-American border. While the artists do not seek to provide the solution, they do provide insight into a place into which most people have never ventured and create a poignant connection that draws on our humanity.

    Art Bridges supports small and mid-sized institutions with some of the costs of Border Cantos | Sonic Borders.

    Requirements: 3,000 sf (flexible), standard facility report, climate control
    Number of Works: 10 large-scale, framed photographs and Sonic Borders installation consisting of 8 instruments, each with their own iPod, subwoofer, and speakers (requires power run to each pedestal). All casework, A/V equipment and instructions are included.
    Text Components: Labels and panel text in electronic format
    Optional Interpretive Content: Border map, digital content related to instruments in Sonic Borders, discussion questions, migration story activity

    Contact: Desirée Dixon, Traveling Exhibitions Specialist (479) 657-2365

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