Monica J. Beasley: Feminism and Magical Thinking

  • 29 Aug 2018 11:56 AM
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    Available for travel after April 7, 2019

    CONTENT:         15-18 framed collages (various dimensions—see attached listing for travel)

                                Wall texts and label copy (electronic transmission); display furniture

    COSTS:                      Participation fee:  $2500 (per 12 week duration)

                                        Round trip shipping, wall-to-wall insurance

                                        Artist’s travel, hotel, per diem, speaker’s/workshop fee

                                     Organized by the Mobile Museum of Art, Mobile, Alabama


    Monica J. Beasley received a Master of Fine Arts from Northwestern University and Master of Art in Elementary Education from Spring Hill College in Alabama. She has called Mobile her physical and spiritual home for many years.

    Beasley has worked in many mediums from photography and conceptual work to painting and collage, exploring concepts of feminism, femininity, home, marriage, family, race, and Southern culture.

    The artist credits the influence of her strong and loving mother and aunts—three of whom have works in this exhibition dedicated to them. She is also influenced by the nkisi (spirit objects) of Central Africa, the Native American Hopi of Arizona, and Haitian spiritual art.  Teacher, friend, and well known painter Ed Paschke, as well as artists Ellen Gallagher and Kerry James Marshall have also influenced her life and work. In speaking about Paschke’s impact in particular, Monica notes, “He opened my eyes to everything already in the universe. You just have to go look for it, to rethink it, repurpose it, and let it shine in a different way.”   While this exhibition does not encompass all of the work in her career, it opens a small window into the bright and thoughtful world of this artist.

    SHIPPING:      (pro-rated)  One-way shipping, insurance.

    INSTALLATION:  90-100 linear feet; electronic biographical, wall text and label copy provided

    EDUCATION:  Arrangements may be made directly with the artist for lecturing, workshops and gallery talks; sponsoring venue to pay all artist’s expenses including transportation, per diem, lodging, speaker’s fee.

    Contact:        Stan Hackney (Curator)  251-208-5206


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