Megalodon: Largest Shark that Ever Lived traveling exhibit

  • 11 Dec 2013 10:46 AM
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    Visitors turn out for giant sharks! After 4 years of touring and over 1 million visitors, Megalodon continues to attract large audiences and increase attendance numbers for host institutions. This 5,000-square-foot traveling exhibit highlights the evolution, biology and misconceptions of Megalodon, an enormous prehistoric shark that once cruised all the world's oceans. Related to the modern great white and mako sharks, Megalodon was a dominant marine predator for 15 million years before vanishing 2 million years ago.

    The exhibit conveys current research findings of Florida Museum paleontologists, and showcases both fossil and modern shark specimens and full-scale models from several collections. People have collected Megalodon teeth for thousands of years, and today Megalodon has near-cult status. The exhibit capitalizes on the public's fascination with fossil sharks as ambassadors for science and shark conservation.

    Be consumed with awe, walk away with respect!

    For more information visit our website at or contact Tom Kyne, Traveling Exhibits Coordinator, (352) 273-2077