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  • 20 Aug 2013 10:40 AM
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    Exhibition Exchange Guidelines and Requirements:

    Interested in borrowing an exhibition?

    • Please respond directly to the contact listed on the exhibition description.
    • The exhibition exchange and rental program are subject to lender’s approval and exhibition availability.
    • In addition to the rental fee, the borrower is responsible for round-trip transportation costs.
    • The borrowing institution must meet required standards for climate control, security and light levels as described by the lending institution.
    • Bookings must be made at least six months in advance, depending on the institution’s policy and exhibition availability.
    • Some lending institutions provide object label copy and introductory text material, if applicable, as well as invitation templates and brochures.
    • SEMC accepts no responsibility for the validity and accuracy of the exhibition description.

    Interested in posting an exhibition?

    • Only SEMC Member Institutions may post an exhibition or an object on the Exhibition Exchange.
    • Post the exhibition description, including links to museum website and images, loan fee, and contact information for the loan.
    • In the exhibition description, include the required standards for climate control, security, and light levels as well as square footage space requirements.
    • SEMC reserves the right to remove any posting that reflects poorly on SEMC or includes inaccurate, false, or misleading information, or illegal content.

    Thanks you for participating in the exhibition exchange program.
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