Museum Director, City of Rogers Ark.

  • 24 May 2019 12:12 PM
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    As a mission, Rogers Historical Museum (RHM) enriches visitor experiences through education, and exploration.  Supported by outstanding non-profit organizations, various museum grants and private contributors, RHM envisions being the premier history museum in Northwest Arkansas.

    American Alliance of Museums accreditation honors RHM among nearly 1,100 other museums across the nation.  The Museum campus, located in Downtown Rogers, includes recently renovated facilities. Uniquely, the museum campus also includes a dedicated green space to cultivate Arkansas black apples.

    Nearly 40,000 objects are entrusted to the card of the Museum and maintained for research, education and/or exhibition purposes.  The Museum engages people of all ages and provides activities for individuals and families to enjoy.  More than 100,000 visitors interact with the Museum each year. 

    Given the Museum’s ever-growing collection and four decades of organizational development, it is now in a position to serve the community on a larger scale.  The Museum will continue to be an accessible, inclusive, family-friendly, education center and community partner for years to come.  To learn more about Rogers Historical Museum, please visit

    The City of Rogers welcomes professional museum enthusiasts to apply for Museum Director.  Applications may be submitted online at  

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