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The AAMG is the leading educational and professional organization for academic museums,

galleries, and collections. In recognition of the unique opportunities and challenges of its

constituents, the AAMG establishes and supports best practices, educational activities and

professional development that enable its member organizations to fulfill their educational

missions. Organized in 1980, as the Association of College and University Museums and

Galleries (ACUMG), the AAMG addresses issues that are relevant and unique to college and

university museums, galleries and collections of all disciplines including art, history, natural

history, and science. Issues include governance, ethics, education and exhibitions, management, strategic planning, support, collections, and professional programs.

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Regional Contact

Jill Deupi, J.D., Ph.D.


Lowe Art Museum

1301 Stanford Drive

Coral Gables, FL 33146


Scott H. Harris (Southeast rep)

James Monroe Museum

908 Charles Street

Frederickesburg, VA 22401

Phone: 540-654-2113

Jill Hartz

Director of AAMG

Phone: 303-775-2841; 434-544-8343