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Governance & Committees

Bylaws - Southeastern Museum Conference, Incorporated

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SEMC Committees & Members

The SEMC Committee structure allows for a team approach to getting related work done, and helps foster better communication. Each Committee Chair is a member of the Executive Committee, and is responsible for the work flow of the coordinators who will be working with them. Each coordinator will be encouraged to help identify new leaders by drawing from the entire membership to get the work done.

Executive Committee

The Council, upon recommendation of the president at his/her first Council meeting, shall designate an Executive Committee which shall consist of not less than six directors, including the four director-officers, the immediate past president, and one director. When Council is not in session and except as prohibited by law, the executive committee shall have all powers vested in the Council by law. (Excerpted from the SEMCBylaws, Article VI, Sections 1 & 2).

By-Laws Review Coordinator: Reviews bylaws and policies of SEMC every 2 years to see that they reflect intent and purposes of the organization. He or she maintains and updates policy manual for Council and an Annual Meeting Planning Manual for annual meeting-related committees.

Strategic Planning/Evaluation Coordinators: Entire Executive Committee: Annually reviews and updates the goals, objectives and strategies contained in the SEMC Long Range Plan. Coordinates periodic Long Range Planning retreats, makes recommendations to Council to modify the Plan.

Mike Hudson,
SEMC President
Committee Chair
Strategic Planning/Evaluation Coordinator
Carrie Taylor,
SEMC Vice President
Strategic Planning/Evaluation Coordinator
Robin Seage Person,
SEMC Secretary
Strategic Planning/Evaluation Coordinator
Patrick Daily,
SEMC Treasurer
Strategic Planning/Evaluation Coordinator
George Bassi,
SEMC Past President
Strategic Planning/Evaluation Coordinator
Karen Utz,
At-Large Council Representative

Nominating/ Endowment Committee

Annually prepares a slate of candidates for SEMC's Council for the mid-year Council Meeting. The slate shall attempt to provide a broad and well balanced representation on Council, taking into account the various museum disciplines, all segments of the museum profession, geographic distribution, and all other elements that are important in the existence of any democratic body. (Additional information about the committee is contained in Article VII, Sections 1& 2 of the SEMC bylaws.)

Works with Financial Committee and SEMC Central Office to develop investment and growth strategies for endowment fund.

Awards Coordinator: Administers the annual James R. Short, the Presidential Award, Museum Leadership, Distinguished Contributor, Outstanding Service to the Museum Profession and Emerging Museum Professional awards. He or she prepares Call for Nominations for publication on the SEMC website, solicit and review nominations, select honorees, notify nominators and honorees. He or she purchases the award and coordinator makes presentation at annual meeting. He or she makes recommendations to Council for new awards or changes in criteria as appropriate.

Nominations Coordinator: Is responsible for soliciting nominations from council and the full membership and providing those nominations to the executive director to become part of the potential council member data base. Assist Awards Coordinator with suggestions of potential award nominees.

George Bassi,
SEMC Past President
Committee Chair
Patrick Daily,
SEMC Treasurer
Awards Coordinator
Karen Utz
At-Large Council Representative<</td>
Nominations Coordinator

Annual Meeting Committee

Evaluation Coordinator: Designs, distributes, analyzes and reports results of periodic membership surveys in an effort to determine how the organization can best serve its members, to guide in long range planning, and to assist in programs and arrangements for annual meetings and workshops. He/she also develop annual meeting program and local arrangement evaluation forms.

Local Arrangements Coordinator: Coordinates logistics for all events at the hotel(s), museums and any other venues for the annual meeting. Responsible for assigning sub-committees chairs who assist the SEMC Central Office with all aspects of the annual meeting. For further descriptions of responsibilities, see annual meeting manual.

Program Coordinators: Determines and is responsible for program content and presenters, as well as special features to be built into the program, such as annual meeting seminars and workshops, and keynote speakers.  For further descriptions of responsibilities, see annual meeting manual.

Publication Design Competition Coordinator: Responsible for organizing annual publication design competition including developing database, selecting judges, notifying all participants, and set-up and display of winners at the annual meeting. Coordinates with SEMC staff to send out announcements and solicit participation.

Scholarship Coordinator: Administers the annual meeting scholarship program: prepares Call for Applications for publication in Inside SEMC and direct mailing, reviews applications, selects scholarship recipients, notifies applications, and makes presentation at Annual Business Meeting. Makes recommendations to Council for changes in scholarship funding or criteria.

Silent Auction Coordinator: Responsible for coordinating the silent auction and the funds are used to support scholarships the following. Responsibilities include: soliciting items; organizing items before the annual meeting and during the annual meeting; displaying them in the resource expo so attendees can bit on them; and providing executive director with silent auction forms and bid forms so he/she can write thank you notes after the annual meeting is over.

Carrie Taylor,
SEMC Vice President
Committee Chair
Zinnia Willits Evaluation Coordinator
George Bassi &
Local Arrangements Coordinator
Kathleen Hutton Program Coordinators
Brian Hicks Program Coordinators
Kathy Gustafson-Hilton
Publication Design Competition Coordinator
Nathan Jones Exhibition Competition Coordinator
Karen Utz &
Alice Taylor Colbert/td>
Scholarship Coordinator
Jenny Lamb Silent Auction Coordinator

Professional Development

Plans and implements educational programs that will supplement the annual meeting and address specific needs of member institutions and professionals. He or she periodically produces publications resulting from committee-sponsored programs. A member of this committee also sits on the Program Committee to coordinate workshops held in conjunction with the Annual Meeting.

Archives & History Coordinator: Collects and organizes all pertinent archival material on SEMC since its establishment. They design and oversee a records management program for the organization.

JIMI Committee Coordinator: Plans and implements the annual institute which provides an eight-day, total immersion environment for museum professionals to learn more about general museum administrators and operations. JIMI gives administrators the key resources imperative to orchestrating personnel efficiency, staff morale and overall organizational improvement.

Career Center Coordinator: Organizes and maintains all aspects of the Career Center including coordinating SEMC website Job Descriptions and annual meeting career center.

Mentor Coordinator: Administers the mentor program, makes recommendations to Council on how SEMC can serve the students and beginning museum professional; coordinates a job placement station at each annual meeting.

Robin Seage Person,
SEMC Secretar
Committee Chair
Sharon Bennett Archives & History Coordinator
Martha Battle Jackson JIMI Administrator
John S. Lancaster JIMI Facilitator
Steve Rucker JIMI Committee Member
John Hunter JIMI Committee Member
Nathan Moehlmann JIMI Committee Member
Elise LeCompte &
Robert Sullivan
Career Center Coordinator
Kathryn A. Lang &
Gary Walrath
Mentor Coordinator
Christine Miller-Betts  
Allison Reid  
Alexis Thompson  

Finance Committee

Committee recommends annual operating budget to Council, provides financial oversight for SEMC office and programs.

Grants Acquisition, Contracts and Charitable Giving Coordinator: Assists Executive Director and Treasurer with identifying gifts that fit the mission and purpose of SEMC. Assists Executive Director with preparing a proposal and submitting to the foundation or other entities. Assists Executive Director with identifying and applying for grants that fit the mission and purpose of SEMC. If award is granted, assist with Executive Director with contracts and other filling needs.

Patrick Daily,
SEMC Treasurer
Committee Chair
Vacant Grant Acquisition, Contracts,
& Charitable Giving Coordinator

Member Services Committee/Communications Committee

Works closely with directors and central office staff to direct a campaign to recruit new individual, institutional and corporate members. With Executive Director and Executive Committee, he or she designs and makes recommendations to Council for changes in membership categories and dues structure to be incorporated in the membership brochure.

Affinity Group Coordinator: Serves as the liaison between the SEMC Council and officially designated representatives of the AAM standing committees and other affiliate professional organizations and interest groups. He or she annually updates the contact list of such groups and works with the Executive Director to arrange affinity group functions at Annual Meeting. He or she encourages group chairs to submit articles for Inside SEMC as well as program proposals for the annual meeting and arrange affinity group functions at annual meeting.

Newsletter/Communications Coordinator: Assists Executive Director with enforcing deadlines for SEMC Inside News; researches ideas for new newsletter lay out and stories.

Corporate Representative Coordinator: Responsible for assisting SEMC with increasing their corporate membership. He/she will also represent the corporate firms on the program committee and on the site selection committee.

Mary LaGue Committee Chair
Karen Kelly &
Deborah Rose Van Horn
Affinity Group Coordinator
Jane Creedon Communications/Newsletter Coordinator
Sherri Staples,
Cinebar Productions
Corporate Representative

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